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Short Stay Apartment Rental in Borisov
An apartment for daily rent in the center of Borisov or a standard room at the hotel?
A short-stay apartment rental in Borisov favourably differs from hotels primarily with the price and comfort requirements. Daily rent of an apartment has much more advantages then hotel services, which are rated at mass consumers. A vast number of travellers can confirm that fact.
An apartment for daily rent in the center of Borisov or a standard room at the hotel?
To rent an apartment for a day or a couple of hours in Borisov is possible either with the help of an agency or straight from the owner and, besides, the price of a chosen apartment will be at least the same as hotels offer or even less.
The room at a hotel in the center of Borisov is an extremely expensive variant even for one day. The cheapest room at any hotel costs more expensive then short-stay rooms or apartment rental.
Our guests are provided with all necessary accounting instruments for business trips (payment receipts, rental agreements, a copy of the State registration certificate of legal entity, etc.)
Every suggested variant for a short-term accommodation (for a day or a couple of hours) is situated in historical buildings of the middle of 20th century or modern residential complexes in the center of Borisov.
Our organization has been working successfully in the sphere of a short-term apartment rental in Borisov since 2003.  Аll-tune low on high-tony, fashionable fully furnished 1-2-3-4-5-rooms apartments from economy to VIP class. They are completely equipped with modern householdappliances: video-, audio equipment, high speed Internet (Wi-Fi).
Basing on financial capacities and personal preferences, we provide our guests with maximally high-level servicing.
It’ll be better to book the chosen variant beforehand. You just need to call us and make a reservation!
Make yourself at home. We are waiting for you again. Be sure that our staff will do its best for your solid comfort.
We have a flexible discount system for our regular guests. Kind regards and see you in Borisov!